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Solar Water Pump (AC)

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  • Solar Water Pump (AC)

    Hello friends,
    I am a final year engineering student. I plan on designing a solar powered water pump as my final year project.
    I want to operate a 55W Tullu pump using a 90W solar panel. The specifications of the pump and the panel are as follows.

    Pump Specifications:
    Power : 55 Watts
    Max. Head : 3 Meters
    Suction Lift : 1 Meter
    Pipe Size : 13x13 mm
    Discharge (at 3 meters) : 350 LPH
    Motor type : Synchronous motor

    Panel Specification:
    Rated Power Pmax (W)-90
    Voltage (V)-12
    Rated Current Impp (A)-4.95
    Rated Voltage Vmpp (V)-18.2
    Short Circuit Current Isc (A)-5.29
    Open circuit Voltage Voc (V)-22.4

    I want proper guidance on how to go about doing this project.

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    You are putting the cart in front of the horse. First determine your daily total power consumption, location of use, and time of year use. That will dictate panel wattage, charge controller, battery capacity, and inverter specs. Then read this thread to make the design.
    MSEE, PE