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  • DC Pump Question

    I want to slow pump water from my stock tank to another stock tank 100' away. I found a 12v 30 watt 2.5amp pump that will be sufficient. I'd like to wire it directly to a panel to save money. If I understand things correctly, an array of 24 .5v cells rated at 3 amps should produce 36 watts of power for the pump.
    I don't really know how DC motors work though. And I have a few questions I was hoping for answers on.
    1) Will this panel only power the motor at peak sunlight or will the pump just run slower in lesser times of light?
    2) Is the power draw on this type of array stable or will it spike with more or less sun?
    3) will running 36 watts to a 30 watt motor damage it?
    4) will running 3 amps of current through a motor rated at 2.5amps hurt it?
    5) would adding a power controller to the configuration be the best solution?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching google for a week trying to figure this out but haven't had whole lot of luck.

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    The trick is finding a 24 cell panel most are 36 in the 12V class.
    A power converter would help. They also make pumps specifically for this purpose
    I believe our sponser Solartown sells one
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    [URL][/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)



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      google "laing d5 ecocirc"
      mppt dc pump with 12-24v range, designed for pv direct connect.
      Your lift wasn't mentioned, but may be a concern pending flow requirements.



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        You need a [B] linear current booster [/B] to run a DC motor directly off a PV panel

        Our host does not appear to carry them. An internet search will find many, in varied sizes, for many prices.
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          Just wanted to thank you guys for the input. Looks like I need to get a hold of a shureflo cust. serv. rep and get some specifics from them.