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New member, trying to match a suitable DC pump for my solar panel

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  • New member, trying to match a suitable DC pump for my solar panel


    this is my first post on the forum. i am working on a university solar project, and have a solar panel. i am trying to find the best DC pump that suits my needs.
    the electrical specifications of my panel are:

    Max Power: 245W
    Tolerance of Power: +/-5%
    Type of cell: Ploycrystalline Silicon
    Cell config: 60 in series
    open circuit voltage: 37.3V
    Max Power Vol: 30.1V
    Short circuit current: 8.75A
    Max Power Current: (Ipm): 8.13A
    Module efficiency: 15.6%
    Max System (DC) Voltage: 600V
    Series Fuse Rating: 15A
    NOCT:47.5 deg c

    any help on the matter would be much appreciated.


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    Sort of be handy to know WHAT your pump needs are, huh ? You went to a lot of trouble to list the panel specs and list absolutely nothing on what you're trying to pump.

    Deep well ?

    Shallow well ?

    Sump pump ?

    Fish pond ?


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      i would be using mine in the pond behind my house....its not a very big pond, i haven't yet calculated the depth of it, but what i am making doesn't require to pump water from great depths. my intention is to just irate the pond, so that i can remove the algae that has covered the surface area.

      i intend to make a floating pond fountain irator, that uses the energy from the solar panel to power the pump, which in turn will make the pump suck up water from the pond, supply it to the fountain heads and then disturb the surface of the pond.

      hope this provides a better explanation of my ques.....



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        You have to select a pump first - that sets the watt hour requirement.


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          _________________________Rule 1500 Marine Bilge Pump_____________________________
          - low pressure, high flow -
          *Rule pump specs:
          Flow Rate: [COLOR="#FF0000"]1500 (gph)[/COLOR] or 5678 (lph)
          Port Type 1 1/8" (28mm) Hose barb
          Voltage 12vdc/5A or 24 (Vdc)

          ___________________________Shurflo________________ ______________
          - higher pressure, lower flow -
          **Alternate pump: Shurflo 12v/9A - Specs:
          Name : Shurflo Extreme Smart Sensor 4.0
          Model NumbersOEM/Aftermarket : 4901-0201, 4901-0211
          Voltage : 12 VDC
          Dimensions Inches/Millimeters : 8.3" x 5.3" x 5.0" [210x136x127mm]
          Flow Rate GPM/LPM : 4.0 GPM ([COLOR="#FF0000"]240gph[/COLOR]) [15.1 LPM] (60.4LPH)
          Amps (Max.) : 9
          Shut-Off Pressure : 50 PSI [3.4 BAR]

          Rod - Brazil