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    SteveC, thanks for the information. I guess I will just have to drill the well and see what happens. I was originally thinking about using the generator to run the well pump, but perhaps now I can use solar power and back it up with the Gen. I came across this spec sheet for the Grundfos-not sure how accurate this is, but hopefully it will allow me to increase the PV array just enough to power the pump. Curious as to what other think of this table and if appears to be accurate...


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      If it is from Grundfos it is accurate no doubt - as long as you stay within the prescribed conditions

      NOTE: Daily volume and flow calculations are based on38


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        DO NOT buy a pump, till your well is drilled and flow tested.

        1) it could be a dry well (I got 2 of them sick puppies !)

        2) pumps are rated for Lift (depth) and Flow (volume) After your well is established, you can select a pump according to your needs and the well conditions.

        3) there may be other factors, maybe sand in the well (needs a different kind of pump) or clay fines - many different reasons to not buy till the well is done.
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          Originally posted by Mike90250 View Post
          DO NOT buy a pump, till your well is drilled and flow tested.
          I will definitely hold off on the pump. I was just trying to get an idea as to how much more solar power ($$) I would need to run my future well pump. Doesn't look like it will take as much as I initially thought, but I guess I will see after the well is drilled.