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  • AC Assist Solar Pump

    Hi guys:
    My family has a farm in Brazil and one constant problem is water pumps going down when the grid goes down. They have greenhouses to the water is a key ingredient. I've been thinking on a way to create a solar pumping setup that would:
    - fall back to grid AC (AC assist) when there is not enough solar insolation or at night
    - not feed any extra power production to the grid so they don't need to engage with the power utility.
    With these requirements, the only thing I found is the Cyboinverter
    While it seems good, they don't seem to be an established company and I can barely find information about them. Since yesterday, their website has been down so I'm wondering if they are still in business. So does anybody has any other suggestion in terms of equipment that I could use to fulfill these requirements? I live in the USA, but the solution will have to work in Brazil.

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    You really need to start with a power requirement and go from there. My guess is you will find it a lot cheaper to use a gasoline generator.

    If you do a search for "orchard" on this site, you will see posts from people who have done what you want successfully.