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Effect of batteries in a solar pump system

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    I understand that the well water level drops as you pump, tripping the pump safety, shutting it off. ??

    if that pump is running directly from panels, remove 1 panel and it will slow down, and if it still runs the well dry, pull another panel to slow it more. Slow steady pumping is better than fast surge that trips the safety
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      Again, thanks for the answers.

      The controller for the pump does have RPM and timing dials to control the rate of pumping and down time whenever the low water sensor trips. I've set the RPMs at about 60%, if I remember correctly, which is enough to bring the water to the tank but allow for the refresh rate to come more in line with the draw down. The down time has been set for 16 minutes which is down from the 20 minutes I'd set on it when I first installed the system. This helps the production quantity and is about all the well will handle.

      Unfortunately for the moment the low water sensor needs to be replaced because, after a couple of years, it collects calcium deposits which essentially shorts it and makes the controller think there's a good water level. My son and I should get to it pretty soon, again, as we pulled it about a month ago and cleaned the sensor out but it's back to doing what it was before. I don't think the pump is in any danger of running dry as the refresh rate is quick enough to keep that from happening but getting help to pull it by hand is the main problem on a 150 foot well. The last time we took turns pulling the pump my son pooped out at about a third of the way through, I took over the second third and he finished the last. Getting it out of the hole is the worst when the poly pipe is full of water but putting it back in is no problem at all.

      It's is very apparent that a redesign of this particular system is needed since I've become fully aware of the limitations of this system's design. What torques me off is that better systems such as Grundfos and Lorentz require you to have a certified person install them for you when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself.