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Adjusting internal battery timer for solar water pump

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  • Adjusting internal battery timer for solar water pump

    Hi all,

    First post here and would appreciate any help.

    Have installed a solar powered water pump for outdoor aquaponics setup. The pump feeds water through a number of wall pots into a traditional fountain at the bottom.

    Whilst the original description says that the battery has a timer but when it arrived I realised there are only 2 options. 1. Run continuous or 2. Run for 15 minutes every hour.

    The problem is that the plants are too wet and don't grow well. I want to alter the timer to run twice a day for example. I haven't pulled the battery box apart as yet - does anyone know the the timer in this battery would operate and whether it could be adjusted easily?

    Solar Panel:
    * Max Power Voltage: 17.28V
    * Max Power Current: 1.157A
    * Dimension: 52cm x 35cm x 2.3cm
    Brushless DC Water Pump:
    * Max. Flow Rate: 1400L/H (412.1GPH)
    * Pump head: 3.2m(10.5ft)
    * Flow adjustable: Yes
    * Dry protection: No
    * Protection class: IP68
    * Cable length: 5M (16.4ft)
    LED Light:
    * LED quantity: 6pcs
    * Light colour: White
    * Light photosensitive: Yes
    Backup Battery:
    * Battery box capacity: 12 – 24V, 4.5Ah
    * Power saver timer: Included
    * Battery cable length: 5M (16.4ft)

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    I would say 15 minutes every hour is fine, as in flood and drain. It all depends on what the plants are growing in for that.
    Another way is to buy something like a wifi switch. I bought the following to do just this.
    1 Channel Self-Locking Wireless Relay Module WiFi Smart Switch for Smart Home Automation dc 7v 12v 24v 32v 10A from Amazon.Connect your supply to the input, then put the switch in series with the pump, making sure you have the pump set to continuous.
    You can then control your pump via a schedule set up over wifi.
    Hope this helps.