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Adjusting internal battery timer for solar water pump

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  • Adjusting internal battery timer for solar water pump

    Hi all,

    First post here and would appreciate any help.

    Have installed a solar powered water pump for outdoor aquaponics setup. The pump feeds water through a number of wall pots into a traditional fountain at the bottom.

    Whilst the original description says that the battery has a timer but when it arrived I realised there are only 2 options. 1. Run continuous or 2. Run for 15 minutes every hour.

    The problem is that the plants are too wet and don't grow well. I want to alter the timer to run twice a day for example. I haven't pulled the battery box apart as yet - does anyone know the the timer in this battery would operate and whether it could be adjusted easily?

    Solar Panel:
    * Max Power Voltage: 17.28V
    * Max Power Current: 1.157A
    * Dimension: 52cm x 35cm x 2.3cm
    Brushless DC Water Pump:
    * Max. Flow Rate: 1400L/H (412.1GPH)
    * Pump head: 3.2m(10.5ft)
    * Flow adjustable: Yes
    * Dry protection: No
    * Protection class: IP68
    * Cable length: 5M (16.4ft)
    LED Light:
    * LED quantity: 6pcs
    * Light colour: White
    * Light photosensitive: Yes
    Backup Battery:
    * Battery box capacity: 12 – 24V, 4.5Ah
    * Power saver timer: Included
    * Battery cable length: 5M (16.4ft)