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Puping water from well with solar power

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  • Puping water from well with solar power

    Hi everyone,
    I have been thinking to install an irrigation drip system for our strawberry beds. But then I thought why not do this as my next project and build a 12v solar power pumping system from our well. This should help me understand solar power and try to go as self sustainable as possible.😁😁
    So my plan is to pump water from the well in a tank in the middle of the day when the sun is up and the batteries are fully charged and then pump from the tank 30 minutes early morning and 30 minutes late evening every day to the dripping system as I normally water my beds.
    I thought this is a good idea as I don't have to use both pumps( or a bigger pump) at the same time so I don't need a bigger battery bank.
    So the pumps are

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    Julian, First posters aren't allowed to post links. I copied and pasted this from another solar forum. NOMB, but thought it would help you.

    So the pumps are


    Apparently the links aren't being allowed at all. You might try to resend your original posting without these links, but with a description of these components .
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      I would suggest just putting the tank at least a few feet above the beds if possible. Then use gravity to do the watering. That would eliminate the need for the second pump.


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        When I lived in north Florida, we had well water that ran on 220V. It would periodically run as needed, but for only short periods of time. It would air pressurize a bladder system to keep water coming in for showers and what not. I would think that an 1800-3000 watt solar panel system with a 240V inverter could run a well like that for a small yard. But that would be big bucks to do. I wouldn't do it unless this was way out remote some place and the area to be watered was less than 1/4 acre.