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24-36v pump on 70v panal

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  • 24-36v pump on 70v panal

    I work at a ranch and we get our water from Wells ran on solar. The pumps in them are the expensive grundfos brand ones that the companies ex electrician was getting. We have had some of them fail recently and the company he gets them from wanted 2400$ so we bought a pump that said it was for direct to panal, a 24-36v 880w dc pump. It wouldn't be an issue except all of our panals are 70v panals 110w. We have an exceptionally large amount of them. Is there anyway to make this pump work on sthe solar panels we have without setting up a battery bank and stuff like that, they just fill some small ponds for water for cows and stuff. The wells are only about 40ft feet deep

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    You could buy a half dozen 60 cell (37V open circuit) 300W panels and wire them in parallel
    to run your pump. Number needed depends some on how good your sun is, and how long
    they need to run. I think the 110W 70V panels are a very difficult approach. Bruce Roe