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sprinkler irrigation for large farm

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  • Logan5
    Not sure why your considering 12v batteries, you should be looking at 2 volt batteries. 24 of them for 48 volts. None of your goals will ever happen at 12v. 4X2 HP pumps is a lot to ask for off grid system but a 22HP pump is going to eat those batteries in minuets. Is this going to be grid tied or are the batteries for critical loads only? Solar irrigation is attainable but at great expense, especially if you attempt to use 12v batteries and 12v inverters

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  • halayman
    started a topic sprinkler irrigation for large farm

    sprinkler irrigation for large farm

    We are a solar company located in Egypt, and this technology is pretty new over here.
    I have a client how needs irrigation for a 100 acre farm located in the desert.
    I need to check the proposal for my design, since there is no one over here to recheck with him.
    The source of water is a deep well with a TDH of 50 meters(150 feet)
    the water requirements are 600 m3 of water per day.
    I came up with a solution to install a 22kw solar system with a 22HP AC submersible pump.
    The pump will deliver the water ti a 2000 m3 storage pond
    the pond will be shaped like a canal with a total length of 300 meters covering the entire lenth of the farm (900 feet), width 4 meters and height 2 meters.
    Then I will install 4 2HP AC surface pumps, each pump is equipped with 2kw solar panels, an offgrid inverter and 8 200amh 12v batteries.
    each surface pump is supposed to take the water from the canal and deliver 20m3 of water/hour for 6 hours per day, to sprinklers located at a maximum distance of 150 meters