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Using 12 volt RV water pump for off grid cabin

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  • Using 12 volt RV water pump for off grid cabin

    Where I live the electric goes out all the time. The worst part is no water (I have a well) no flushing the toilet. I picked up some used water tanks
    250 gallon each and used two 12 volt water pumps. It works the same with only one pump but recovers faster with two. Next i'm going to install a propane water
    heater so I can have running water hot and cold with no electric. This is in the basement and has no problem keeping up with showers,

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    NIce. Are you using the regular 12V battery system of the RV? A Linear Current Booster? Or just connecting the pumps directly to the panels?

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      I see this is pretty old but I'd like to hear more about this. I have a camp that has water piped to it at a very low pressure. I've been thinking of doing exactly this to increase the pressure to the house. How well does this work? Is the pressure good? How does it compare to typical water pressure/flow?


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        At our place in Mexico we have the same water pumps for our domestic water. The supplied water is gravity flow from a tank in the Campo. We are the highest property there so pressure is almost nada. They work fine for our needs although I have pondered installing an elevated tank of our own because when the water level in the main tank gets low we are the first to run out. I have a dedicated 12 volt solar panel, controller and battery for them.

        A lot of people in the area use these,

        and swear by them. The pressure tank allows the water to flow at full pressure without the pump necessarily running constantly. Bear in mind these are 120 volts, AC which eliminates the need for solar panel, controller and battery.
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