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12v booster pump-hi head 50-70#

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  • bwkemp
    first unless you are taking all of the house off the grid i wouldnt bother changing your pumps, you would be better off just adding more panels to a rooftop pv grid tie system. That being said ill give you some options: if you want to use a supply tank then you can by another grundfos sqf pump and lay it down in the bottom of the supply tank using it as a booster, and hook it directly to the pressure tank/system. you would need a few batteries/panels to get the voltage high enough and get enough watts. another option is to forget the supply tank, put two pressure switches on the pressure system one from the panels and one from the grid, hook them up to a generator box from grundfos and if the sun is shining then you would use your panels to power the pump, at night or if you outrun what the sun provides then the grid would kick in and do the work.

    I'm not a big fan of supply tanks unless the well is low in production, or if you have a big non-constant draw (hauling water out once a day or something like that) they are a lot of work and $$ to put in and you have to have another pump, and a float to shut off the pump filling them. If your well is good just consider your supply tank 60' under the ground. now if you are going solar only for livestock or a house then you need a supply tank or stock tank to get you buy if there are a few cloudy days, but having another solar pump to pump out of it wouldnt work once the batteries ran out. and going into a battery and back out is very inefficient.

    I would still vote for leaving your well/pump the way it is and using that money for a grid tie pv system.


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  • RocyinNM
    started a topic 12v booster pump-hi head 50-70#

    12v booster pump-hi head 50-70#

    Hello All,
    First post from a real noob--
    here goes-we are on the grid, and want to retrofit our existing water well over to solar.

    Would like to pump from water well, to storage tank, (about 60' static) (storage, and pressure tank will be at top of well head) In a pump house, Then pump to pressure tank, then to home a 1000' away--doing it right now on AC. (Just no storage tank right now)-just to pressure tank then home about 40' rise to home. ( pressure tank set up 50# to 70#). Pipe to home is 1 1/2”. (It all works great)

    At pump house, I would like to use 2-255w panels, powering only the solar pump (Grundfos 11)

    Then to keep all my panels the same, another 255 watt panel run through a solar charger/controller to a 12 volt battery-(AGM 120AH)(to a (12v booster pump) to move the water from the (storage tank-1000 gal) to pressure tank-(50-70#). Pressure tank, and storage tank are at same elevation.
    We want the ability to have pressurized water day and night.

    **All that said, I NEED a good booster pump, that can pump into the pressure tank at that pressure/head-(50-70#)--do not mind spending the money,-but it just seems that the 12v transfer pumps are terribly expensive, and very intolerable to dirt. (would like not to have a filter to worry about) have 10 mic. filter up at house.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated,
    Rocky in NM