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    I have a 100w solar panel giving out 19v at full sun , I want to charge a 12v lead acid battery while running a 12v pond pump ,which works at 5.4amps . Does anybody know what size controller I need amp wise to prevent overcharging and to charge productivly

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    for your panel all you need is at least a 10 amp pwm controller. I had a 120 watt panel and I was using a wincong brand 20 amp pwm charge controller I bought on ebay for 20 dollars and it kept my 12 volt battery charged reliably for over a year 24/7 . Your panel in full sunlight wont put out more than 7 amps. The charge controllers are automatic and wont overcharge your battery, in the morning they put out the most amps and when the battery gets charged up it goes into float mode.
    For your size panel stay away from the expensive mppt controllers, those require high voltage panels to be efficient. A simple pwm controller is all you need.
    For peace of mind on my setup I also have a led display I bought in ebay for 12 dollars that connects between the controller and battery, this tells me at a glance how much voltage and amps the battery is receiving. I like to know at all times how my battery is doing. Even some of the expensive controllers only have blinking lights to show they are working/status, having a led display is alot more convenient than using a voltmeter to check your battery condition. The led displays comsume very little power, I leave mine on even at night, when it displays battery voltage.