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Connection between panel and small DC pump

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  • Connection between panel and small DC pump


    I purchased separately a 60 Watt panel and this pump, the 15PV:

    What I don't have is a way to connect the two so that I can turn the pump on and off. I plan to use it to move water around in my garden, from collection points to storage points.

    This is my first attempt at anything solar, except for solar powered calculators, so I need to have things explained to me in very simple terms at the beginning. I am a quick learner though, even though I am nearing 60.

    Thanks for all that read this and even give me a positive thought!

    Regards from Warkworth, ON CANADA


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    Whats the wattage of the pump and what type of connections do you have for the solar panel?

    I'm thinking any low voltage cabling and switch would work as long as it can handle
    5-10 amps.


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      I have a rain capturing system setup with a solar powered pump. Mine goes from the panels to a Charge Controller connected to a 12V 12Ah battery. I have a toggle switch between the load terminals of the Charge Controller and the 12V pump to turn it on or off. It works great.

      I hope this helps you


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        Contact the pump manufacturer but if designed to run directly from solar just connect the panel to the pump.
        It will only run during the day if the sun is out however.
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        [URL][/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)