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    Watch out before you buy a large inverter. All inverters have internal electronics and that internal circuit, needs power. Little inverters = little idle power. Larger inverters consume larger idle power. Say the idle power is 3% of the total rating. Your 300w inverter eats 9 watts The 3,000w inverter would eat 90 watts - just sitting there. Overnight, running a 25w fan, the inverter is going to consume 3x your fans power, running both for 8 hours is 920 watt hours
    On the 300w inverter, it's only 272 watt hours
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      As you mentioned in another thread you aren't seeing more than 230 watts from your 310 watt panels, I think you can improve on that by increasing your "long 12 or 16 gauge wire" with heavier wire. You don't say how long this long wire but you really should have nothing smaller than 10 ga. , 8 ga. being better. Also get your panels securely mounted and properly oriented.
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        The wire I am using now was wire made for outside lighting from Home Depot. It's almost like lamp cord, so I am guessing 16 ga. and almost 50 feet.