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    to make a long story short, I need to replace my street address sign with something. Wife does not want stick on numbers onto the gate post, then she saw solar address numbers,
    some are back lit metal numbers, some are a light box with black stick on numbers. They all look like junk to me. Any suggestions?

    Rural area, fire dept needs 4" numbers on contrasting background no power nearby
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    Not familiar with the specific products you mentioned, though I too would assume them to be junk based on the quality of "solar landscape lighting" that is generally available.

    Seems like the "lightbox" arrangement would be cleanest and best looking, since the required solar panel would be aesthetically disguised as the top of the box. I'm assuming that DIY would not be a challenge for you, but presumably you've got better things to do with your time than making it entirely from scratch...

    If you could get over the appalling retail price, you could perhaps re-purpose the solar chargers made for campers and backpackers such as those by GoalZero. That'd give you a panel and a battery pack where you could connect a couple USB LEDs for the backlighting. You'd still have to make the box with numbers but at least that's cheap and easy.

    Plan B is just a regular sign, with a solar spotlight directed upwards at it from the ground. The light would surely need replacing every few years but that's the easiest solution I can think of.

    - Jerud


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      This one looks nice :
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        Mike there are several options, most are commercial for highway department but GE makes exactly what you are looking for. Another idea is is use LED light rope inside a box which is basically how all of them work including GE Product Line.

        With your ingenuity I am sure you can make something on the same lines. You know steal the and southern engineer it. Build a box, stick some LED's inside, some clear plexiglass, and numbers stuck on.
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