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Power draw Acer Chromebase computer

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  • Power draw Acer Chromebase computer

    Just got around to measuring things with my low-powered 21-inch all-in-one Acer Chromebase computer. Model DC221HQ

    This is an all-in-one lightweight desktop unit running the Google ChromeOS - no battery like a Chromebook. A chrome-box is similar but you supply all the external components.

    OEM wall-wart: 19v / 3.42A

    I used a Samlex 150w PSW inverter, and put the Fluke inline with the positive battery lead of a nearby agm:

    Audio and brightness cranked to max running a few online videos: 2.3A
    80% brightness and pleasant audio single video: 1.9A average
    50% brightness: 1.2A avg
    25% brightness: 1.0A average

    When it goes to sleep, it pulls about 540ma. (300 of which is the inverter!)

    I'm not here to turn this into a computer review, but for what I do, and at these power levels, it is about 4-5 fold decrease in power usage from my slightly older 22 inch box running Debian gnu/linux.

    Those with lightweight needs might find the Chrome-based products (not just trying to hawk this one) a viable and power savings alternative. Right now, this post is being made from a small Stanley jumpstarter > Samlex inverter > Acer.

    Certainly do your own homework and as always, beware of fanboy and fake competitor reviews.
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    I am curious why you are using an inverter. if the computer runs from 19 volts, why not create a 24 volt battery bank and use a 19 volt step down. would more than double your run time and no noisy inverter.


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      Nice, thanks for the info.

      Laptop / all-in-one technology really is getting the power consumption way down these days.

      But friends don't let friends buy slow computers Probably want to insist on 8GB of RAM for anything running Chrome if you leave more than four tabs open.


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        Yeah, I debated on whether or not to put this in the 12v / Camping subforum ...

        This was just a quickie comparison to my slightly older HP all-in-one from the same inverter. For what I do, which is mostly online, or BYOM (bring your own media), I'm basically drawing about 1/4th of what I used to and accomplishing the same tasks. Of course a 24-volt system with step down converters and whatnot would be ideal, but this was just a one-off, off-the-shelf kind of goof.

        Performance? Again, for what I do these days which is mostly online, plenty fast enough, but I don't do gaming, 3d video editing, and the like. Just a few tabs, maybe an online video, but not all at the same time. Of course a higher-end ChromeBase would be desirable to do more faster. I'll have to check and see what the power draw for the higher end is.

        System connectivity is provided by a Verizon portable "Jetpack" wireless router. Being smart about what I watch helps conserve my data plan. Your needs may vary.

        We're getting dangerously close to gadget-territory with an unlimited number of variables, but I think that if some really evaluate their computer needs, they might be able to save some real power (or just run MORE gadgets!) than they used to with a lower-power all solid-state desktop.

        The kids live on phones and tablets, but this old man needs a desktop with a real keyboard...
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