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So You Want To Go Off-Grid Battery

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  • So You Want To Go Off-Grid Battery

    So you want to go Off-Grid with a Stand Alone Battery system to save money at stick it to the man huh? I understand but do you know one simple fact batteries need replaced about every 5 years on average?

    So you are typical John Doe who uses 30 Kwh per day and pays the Mean Ole Greedy Power Company (POCO) $100 to $120 per month to make the Greedy SOB's at the POCO filthy rich.

    Well here is a [B]FACT[/B] to start with to help you decide. It will take a 10,000 pound, [B]$23,000[/B] dollar battery to make it work that needs [B]replaced every 5 years[/B] or so depending on the amount of daily care you give it. [U]The battery will be more expensive 5 years down the road when it is time to replace it.[/U] That is just for the battery alone. No shipping cost or all the other $25,000 to $50,000 of additional equipment you will need to pull it off.

    Now compare the battery cost alone @ $23,000 for 5 years vs up to [B]$7200 on the high end[/B] to the mean ole POCO for the same amount of power in 5 years.

    So who gets it stuck up there you know what going off-grid if you have a choice?

    Hope that helps. [B]

    Edit Note:

    I can hear the [U]Green Mafia [/U]crying right now faced with facts. [/B]
    MSEE, PE