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I'm not certain if my system is performing properly or not.

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  • I'm not certain if my system is performing properly or not.

    Hey guys. I have a new system I've installed. I'm also working with the company I bought it from, as well as the manufacturer of the components, but it's also good to get more opinions. My system is as follows. 6, 330 watt panels. 4, 1800 watt hour lithium batts in series for 48v nominal. Phocos anygrid 5kw inverter/charger with integrated mppt control. The phocos is a really cool unit and is pretty drastically oversized for what I'm doing right now. I'm running a 24 cubic foot refrigerator for now and that is all. Eventually more will be added.

    Here is my question. These batteries are considered fully charged at 14.1v or 56.4 when in series. Sunday was a full sun day, and with only the occasional 100-200 watt load from the fridge, my batteries only hit 54.4v. The charging current never really went above 2-3 amps. I feel like with almost 2k watts of panels, I should have had full batteries pretty quickly. They started the day around 52v I believe.

    Settings. Batts set to "user". boost voltage to 56.4. Float voltage 54.4 (so that float wont activate) and boost time set to 5 minutes. (this is the minimum). EQ disabled. These are the settings I was given by my dealer. The 5 minutes is what doesn't make sense to me, but I also don't pretend to know how the charger does it's thing. I would think that you would keep the 56.4 volt setting until the batteries actually reach that number. Maybe that's not how it works but if you don't apply the 56.4v for longer than 5 minutes, how do we expect the batteries to get to that number?

    Is the system set up right and working properly, or does something need to change? I appreciate any help.