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Adding a wind turbine to my off-grid solar system

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  • Adding a wind turbine to my off-grid solar system

    I would like to make my existing PV system a hybrid by adding a wind turbine, for the purpose of charging my 600Ah 48v battery bank. I currently have two Schneider Electric MPPT 80 charge controllers. Each one is is connected to 11 solar panels and the Schneider Electric XW 6848 Inverters. So my question is: Has anyone done this with Schneider Electric equipment. Adding another MPPT 80 seemed like the way to go but it's designed to work with higher voltage PV panels instead of a 48v wind turbine for example. I would like everything to be integrated, but I am half wondering if I could or should just hook an additional, wind powered MPPT charge controller directly to the batteries. Anyway, if anyone has done this or would know Schneider Electric equipment well and wants to provide input, I'd sure be grateful.

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    Unless/Until you know what makes for good site conditions for good WECS potential (which conditions are not all that common), read up before you commit to anything and also be prepared for a part time job maintaining the system.


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      I agree with JPM. Unless you have the right conditions to run a wind turbine the rest of the equipment is a mute point.

      From what people have told me you need about 200 feet of clearance around the turbine and the blades must be above all other structures. On top of that you will need about a 25mph wind speed 24/7 to get anything close to it's rated output.