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Twin Inverters on 1 panel.

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  • Twin Inverters on 1 panel.

    Can I install two inverters from 1 battery bank? They would feed a AC panel 1 - Hot leg from each inverter to the phase lugs separately and the neutrals on the common neutral buss. This would give me split phase ability with less inverter costs. I plan to have a 1200ah battery bank which would feed the two inverters. The battery bank would be charged with a charge controller fed by my solar array.

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    If the inverters are set up to only feed single phase 120v loads it might work. But if you decided to feed a 240v load from that AC panel I think you will have issues with the balance of both inverters and one may fail.

    I am also thinking this is for an off grid system and the AC panel will never be connected to the grid.

    I also need to say that due to the single phase loads not being balanced the battery system may not discharge equally.
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      I share Suneagle's concern about connecting these to a system that is also connected to the grid. If it is, an approved method (transfer switch) must be used to ensure that the inverters can never feed the grid. it's not enough to simply turn off the main breaker.

      For 240 use the inverters would need some method of interconnecting them so they are always 180 degrees apart. I've never seen that feature, but maybe it's available.