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Baijian Solar VS PowerFilm: 108W CIGS Solar Charger Compared to 60W A-Si Charger

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  • Baijian Solar VS PowerFilm: 108W CIGS Solar Charger Compared to 60W A-Si Charger

    Just thought I'd share a little comparison between the:

    BJCS-108: 108W CIGS Foldable Solar Charger

    FM16-3600LTMC: 60W Amorphous-Silicon Solar Charger (Lightweight version)

    Starting with some photos of their relative sizes, you can see that these two devices measure similarly in dimensions:




    When folded, these two chargers have roughly the same size profile. Here (below) are these solar chargers when deployed:





    Here you can see that despite having 80% higher rated power output, the 108W Baijian charger takes up less space when unfolded than does the 60W PowerFilm charger.

    Below are some more images of their texture/materials:



    The two devices may be similar in size. However, their weights differ significantly! The 60W PowerFilm charger weighs in at 2.4lbs / 1.1kg. The Baijian Solar 108W device weighs in at a hefty 4.1lbs / 1.9kg. Nevertheless, the watts-per-weight of output power favours the latter, at 26 Watts/lbs vs 25 Watts/lbs. Close, but worth considering.

    If these metrics are important to you, then you may wish to also consider the Baijian Solar 100W charger with 'Global Solar' supplied cells (Model: BJGS-100). This device is slightly larger than the 108W model above. However, it weighs only 2.5lbs. Global Solar now goes by "P3 Solar", and they have some options worth considering as well. Beware, their 125W model is tempting but unless your equipment works with voltages as high as 40V, this option is not for you!

    As for the two units reviewed here, the BJCS-108 is significantly cheaper than the FM16-3600LTMC. Also, while the former is encased in a vinyl-like ETFE which is highly waterproof and semi-rigid, the PowerFilm unit encapsulates their cells in a cloth-like fabric which is extremely lightweight and flexible. I strongly prefer Baijian's way of doing it, as the lightweight, cloth construction makes the charger not only far less waterproof, but also it blows around in the wind like you wouldn't believe. While I can usually set the BJCS-108 flat without it moving on me, even on relatively calm days I have to place heavy objects on the four corners of the PowerFilm unit to keep it in place. Both devices come with metal grommets for those wishing to mount them.

    My Comments on power delivery I will have to deliver on a different day, after I have had more time to test these two devices more thoroughly in various conditions. To be continued...

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