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Power question for someone more knowledgeable than me

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  • Power question for someone more knowledgeable than me

    Okay so I put in a small system on my roof. Its 4 195 watt solar panels. I also have purchased and installed 2 200ah renogy gel batteries. The panels and the batteries are in parallel. I also have a transfer switch that I can set to shut off the batteries and go to my home power at a defined voltage. Now the question I have, the whole point of this solar system is to power a deep freezer. Under no load whith the freezer plugged in (it does not draw any power when the compressor is not on and the lid shut) the voltage is 12.87 volts but while the compressor is on it drops to 12.71( this is right now and a diffrence of .16). Now when I spoke with renogy about where the battery should be at 50% they told me it is at 12.34 volts. So my question is what do you think I should set my transfer switch to? Should I take into account the system under load and make it switch at 12.1 or just leave it at 12.3? (transfer switch only goes to the tenth)

    One other question on my charge controller. It has a float setting which from what I can tell is what it charges up the battery to. I dont see any other setting to this. It has a service charge at 14.3 and a backup at 13.2. Should I set my charge to 14.3
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