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AGS help + review of my plans

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  • AGS help + review of my plans

    Hello, new to forum and hoping to get some guidance and input on my plans as well as some help on AGS. Looking to build an offgrid system that will be used to power our camper full time. We live in Kansas. We are looking at about 2000W of solar array and maybe 500W of wind. Was planning on a midnite classic 150 charge controller (due to its ability to utilize wind and solar) This charge controller will charge 8 Deka 8L16LTP 6V 420Ah batteries wired in series for a total of 48V. May eventually double that battery bank down the road and wire next set in parallel with first set to maintain the 48V. This battery bank will be wired to either a 4000 or 5000 watt inverter. I would like to have an auto generator start to kick on an onan cummins p4500I when my voltage drops for a sustained period of time. I think the battery bank should be able to handle my wife and I needs in the winter time but in the summer we just wont have enough to be running an AC so we will really be utilizing the generator. We do plan on trying a swamp cooler, but since the humidity can be fairly high in the summer I do not foresee that being overly successful. The big picture plan is to just have a shed next to the camper that will hold all these components and will have an RV hookup just like what would be at an RV park. Main reason for this is I don't particularly want to be changing much with the RV wiring itself as we still want the ability to go and travel with it.

    I would appreciate everyones thoughts on what I have laid out thus far and would really appreciate the help in regards to an AGS and how that may be wired in.


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    Does this proposed shed have access to grid power? If so you could probably save a lot of money just installing a grid tie system on the shed.

    If not most hybrid inverters have automatic transfer switches with generator start signals built into them which would be more easily integrated into your proposed system.


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      I suggest that you get a few quoted from your local installers.

      I do not know how Kansas Utility companies handle this issue. Here in New England off-grid systems are normally less expensive than net-metering systems. But you really should get some quotes and compare them either way.

      4400w, Midnite Classic 150 charge-controller.


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        We will not have any access to grid power. The hybrid inverter looks like it may be a good option. I have looked at magnum energy AGS as well as Xantrex AGS. The Xantrex looks like it would do what we want. I am struggling to conceptualize the process of how the contact would work to redirect power from the generator to the camper while preventing power from the inverter heading down stream as well. Just not sure how the contact would know when to switch...


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          Originally posted by philygoat22 View Post
          ....... Just not sure how the contact would know when to switch...
          That will depend on the programmability of the hybrid inverter. At least in my inverter's case it can be triggered by a minimum voltage or a State of Charge percentage. That seems to be the operative issue.