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Need a little help with calculation ??

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  • Need a little help with calculation ??

    (bought a book but still need help) I purchased 2 panels 200 watt (total 400) for my roof that gets sun all day with no interference. I plan on using 2 two hundred amp 6 volt deep cycle and one 750 deep cycle 12 volt for a 12 volt system. First of all does that sound about right and secondly what would be the maximum inverter I should get. I plan on splitting the system with a small amount of 12 volt led and the rest 120 volt led. Thanks for your help (batteries are at 100 %)

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    You cannot mix the batteries of different capacities, and your should not connect them in parallel.

    You woould need two separate charge controllers and panel arrays for each battery set.

    You mention nothing about what charge controller do you have or plan having.

    How big in Watts will your loads be?


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      I'll repost this handy battery chart I made up

      Inverter size 12V would be 1Kw max, 24V = 2Kw, 48V as much as you need 'cause there is no larger

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