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Questions about a little off grid 24v system

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  • Questions about a little off grid 24v system

    Hi all. Thanks for letting me join! I'm a solar installer in Oz but I only do grid connect systems. I haven't really had much to do with off grid other than when I travelled around Australia for 2 years in a custom off-road caravan that had 560w of solar and 4 100aH AGM batteries.
    I have a little project coming up that will require two seperate systems. Latitude there is 20 degrees so should be plenty of sun but it will be hot. Both will have 2 x 12v AGM batteries in series (100aH). I'd like to size for 24/7 but can possibly turn off between 6pm and 7am.
    The first has a constant draw of 300mA. Originally I was going to use a 50w panel but then realised it was only 17.8v. I then thought to use 2 70w in series. Now I'm thinking to use a Newpowa NPA90-24. Vmp 34.4 Imp2.62
    I also want to use a Victron 75/15
    The second is the same setup but a 500mA draw.
    So if anyone could give me opinions of whether my ideas are good or bad that would be greatly appreciated