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Strange behaviour off-grid system, Need Help!

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    Being that your panels are on the high side voltage wise of a 24 volt panel parallel will be fine with an MPPT controller into a 12 volt battery bank. Technically you should fuse all 3 panels when parallel. If you go with a series string you wont need fusing but will give up a small bit of efficiency . You might want to run a 24 or 48 volt system and remain in series.
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      Another question about the Victron controller I mentioned earlier. Some user was saying I can get about 60Amps from my 3 panels. How is that possible when my panels have 8Amps and about 40 Volts specs? Either I'm missing something or mixing things.

      And if it's indeed true, how does this Victron which has a 35 Amps limit and 150Volts, going to put into batteries 60Amps? Isn't going to be throttled also?
      Or do I have to get one with more amps?


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        That particular model will output 35A max, no matter what or how many panels you have.

        MPPT charge controllers will extract the maximum possible energy from the panels. For example, if those 40V 8A panels produce 320W, the MPPT controller will output 320W but with 14.8V and ~22A, assuming the batteries are setup for 12V.

        You should get the controller that gives you the power you need to charge your batteries and your loads taking into account the amount of available sun-hours.