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    > I got a larger inverter than I need as the chinese over state the numbers. I never run more than 2000 w at a time..

    Then I'd suggest that any inverter over 2500w is wasted power keeping the internal electronics warm. But if you have it already....
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    || Midnight Classic 200 | 10, Evergreen 200w in a 160VOC array ||
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      Originally posted by PNW_Steve View Post
      What I don't have is the resistance per foot of various wire sized committed to memory.
      I remember (memorized long ago) 2 things ... 10AWG is 1 ohm/1000 ft, a change of 3 gauges doubles or halves the resistance. That'll get you to #1 (is there a 0?) but not to the large "ought" sizes. So 16AWG is 4 ohms/1000'; 4AWG is 0.25 ohm/1000"

      This helps more in household stuff than battery circuits, I'll grant.

      A use full example ... 16AWG 50 ft extension cord (100' of current carrying wire), 0.4 ohms, 4 volt drop at 10A. Reasonable (3.3%) at 120V, not so (33%) at 12V.