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  • Confused first timer

    Hey everyone. Completely new to all of this and all the research I've done has made me even more confused. Seeing what advice anyone would be able to give with the following situation.

    I have well dug at 300 feet with static water at 150 feet. Trying to find a solar solution and pump to get the water out and up a hill to a storage container approximately 165 feet up and about a 30 degree incline. I would prefer an ac/dc pump for future grid tie but would be ok with just solar. I'm in the middle of a mountain area in mid California where get roughly 14-15 hours of sun half the year. Mainly need pump for summer anyhow. Never installed a pump or solar before. Suggestions on basically everything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone and have a wonderful summer.

    p.s. Submersible deep well pump is what I'm planning on unless better suggestions

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    The Grundfos SQFlex pump series has an excellent reputation, but is pricey. It has the advantage that the pump can be run at a lower power to meet the available energy.
    Note carefully that 14-15 hours of sun does not mean that many hours of full production from the panels. Averaging the low sun hours against the peak hours near solar noon gives you probably 5 equivalent full power hours within each clear day.
    SunnyBoy 3000 US, 18 BP Solar 175B panels.


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      I second the Sq Flex option. It can be run on AC or DC, and as dog said, it can be run on wide variety of DC power. One thing you need to know is your well refresh rate - that will help you decide which pump is best. The 30% incline doesn't matter when sizing pumps - just the vertical distance from water to destination. Grundfos are $$$ though, but there doesn't appear to be anything else like them....


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        i've seen the grundfos but i'm currently on a budget and was wondering if there were any other pumps you would recommend for the short term? also, how would i know which panels to get for which pump? thanks for the earlier recommendations to both CouleeJas and inetdog. have a great week.


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          I'm currently running a system that specs very closely to what you are talking about. My 1hp 240VAC well pump is 380' down, and I pump up into a storage tank about 200 vertical feet above the wellhead. When the pump is off, the water can flow back down via gravity. I'm powering this with a Schneider XW+6848 inverter powered by 15 300watt Renogy panels. My arrays are on pivoting mounts that can be pointed sunward, and I have enough power to run the pump from about 8:30am till 4:30pm. It wasn't cheap, but has been rock solid performance wise.