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Epever tracer turns off

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  • Epever tracer turns off

    Hey all,

    I've got a tracer A 4210 with about 750 watts of panels connected and 12v battery system (4 panels, 2 in series and both in parralel).
    From what I can find, these controllers should just limit power input when it's over their max rating (520 watts for this controller at 12v)

    But when the panels max out the controller (520watts) for an hour or so, the controller turns off completely and resets. It actually has tripped my dc circuit breaker on my battery system too (200 amp). I've tried different panels and wiring the panels differently (just in parralel) but it keeps happening.

    Can anyone see a reason for this? I thought these controllers are designed to just limit input watts? Controller temp isn't high either (doesn't go above 60 degrees Celsius either).

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    The "runs for an hour" suggests that there is a component internally overheating. Are you measuring 60c with an IR thermometer, or is it a reported temp from the controller ?

    True MPPT controllers limit their output amps. If you overpanel the controller, it may not be able to shift the MPPT point enough to protect itself

    Take 2 panels off and see if the problem continues, and hope you have not damaged the controller.

    I can't understand how a 40A controller can trip a 200A breaker and still be functional.
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      Hey thanks for the reply! Turns out it was the battery breaker. It was rated at 200 amps but had issues and triggered slightly, causing the controller to turn off and then back on. Removed it and now its working fine and sitting happily at max rated watts for the controller


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        Glad you sorted it out! Hope you're replacing the breaker with something reliable - don't risk a fire with unprotected cables!