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Mobile Solar Array (Trailer)

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  • Mobile Solar Array (Trailer)

    Hello. I have build a mobile solar array for my neighbor shop. I am having a slight issue if any has any ideas I would appreciate it. There is a small room ac that he is trying to run. This was the main reason he wanted it built in the first place. According to the numbers I came up with there should be more than enough to run. It will go to start after about a second the output voltage on inverter drops to 60 then a few seconds later the inverter will go dark and then turn back on after about 20 seconds. If anyone has any ideas that would great. I was thinking installing some capacitors to help lower inrush current. EPSON200.PDF File is diagram of system

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    I'm not clicking on some mis-named links.

    But here's the common causes

    Inverter too small

    Inverter not pure sine wave

    Battery cables too long/too skinny

    Using a 12V system ( a 500W ac requires about 60A to run, and close to 600A to start up, from a 12V system, half those amps if it's a 24v system )

    poor battery connections / cables / cable lugs crimped with a rock & nail

    Sulfated batteries that fade in seconds

    Batteries too small to maintain 60A

    Solar PV not harvesting enough power to supplement the batteries

    Solar PV not able to harvest enough to run the AC and recharge the batteries and you start the next day low......

    Relying on a "Battery capacity meter" to say how full the battery is. They are useless, just use a voltmeter and learn how to interpret it,
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      Not clear which panels from your diagram but other equipment looks satisfactory. I would refer to Mike 90230's hints on battery connections and cable size. Your battery wiring looks odd. The inverter cables really need to be heavy enough to carry full surge amperage which will be substantial with an AC unit trying to kick on. The batteries should be set up as a single bank with charging and loads coming from a common buss. Trying to pull from half the bank to power individual inverters will give you unevenly charged/discharged batteries as the controller will not know the SOC of individual batteries.
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        I can tell you the inverters are using 4awg wire. I can also say the with no load according to the charge controller in coming is 92-98 V and 2.9-3.8 A. That's seems kinda low. The panels are 8 GCL (GCLP/5) with the ratings of Pmax:325W , Vmp 37.6V . Imp: 8.64A , Voc: 46V , Isc: 9.24A ...... They are series 2 panels together and then parrelled together making 4 panel groups. It was the only way I could come up with. The Batteries are fully charged. as far as battery configuration It was the only way I could figure it to work. As most of the equipment was prepurchased so I only had so many options


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          Another problem you have is the low input voltage for a 48 volt system. You really need to have your panels series wired 3 at a time. If your controller truly is a 200 Voc. max controller this shouldn't be a problem. If you can locate onr more panel you could set up your array 3s3p.
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            That's good idea the only problem is this setup is built onto a box tow trailer there is 4 panels run down the center and 2 on each side that flip out. so I cant see a logical place to a third..

            Q What if I were to add a charge controller so each bank will be on its own and parallel to two bank to the inverter


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              This discussion seems to be occurring in two separate parallel threads. Let's move to the other thread and close this one.