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Leaving a load on when "away"

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  • Leaving a load on when "away"

    Hi there... I have a 24v system in Thailand that I use for several months a year when I winter there. During the "off season" however I disconnect and pack away the inverter and then switch my 4 panel array into 2x2 panel arrays so I can have 2 charge controllers running concurrently in case one dies while I am away for the next 6 to 8 months. Not ideal as the controllers jockey for control etc but nonetheless if either dies the battery bank stays charged. The only "load" connected is a 24v light attached directly to the batteries that a friend uses when he comes to check my water levels etc every now and then.

    As the batteries are ALWAYS full, is it better to leave like them like this day in and day out for months, or should I have a small load that is ran every day? I know batteries like to stay charged, I am just wondering if it's healthier to discharge and recharge them a little. Unfortunately it gets up to 40+c sometimes in the solar shed and I was thinking of having a DC fan run all the time off one of the controller load terminals to try and keep the heat down if it's better.


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    Using a thermostat or just a 12V fan on it's own 20 watt panel to keep the temps down would help your batteries a lot.
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