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12v or 24v, diy campervan promaster

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  • 12v or 24v, diy campervan promaster

    Hi folks - new to forums -
    I'm experienced with a 12v solar system supporting an astronomy kit and both lead acid and lifepo4 (to about 60ah a night need).

    I'm considering a much more ambitious project, to build a diy boondocking campervan with a promaster (most likely a 159 base, non extended). I am planning redundant systems (will have propane) but want to rely on solar as much as possible.

    Looking into all the appliances (a few 24v, some 12v, many 110-120v), alternator/starter charging etc, I believe 24v is the way to go for my lifepo4 array (calculating needs of about 100ah per day 24v). I probably will need AC off alternator/starter charge remote a few hours per day in some locations, so will need a beefy inverter and large battery array.

    So my question - is there a really good primer about solar for boon docking electrical setup with solar? I'm having the most difficulty deciding what to do on the roof with the panels, as I also need to carry two kayaks and I want a roof fan (roughly 12"x12") more or less in the center of the roof (can move forward or back, but want to avoid placing it on the side).

    I believe I can get to 800w 24v panels using 4 of these guys, spacing them for the kayak rack mounts and the roof fan:

    But I'm interested to know if I'm thinking about this correctly. Should I focus on a 12v or 24v system? Everything I'm reading, and availability of appliances are leaning me to 24v for better 110v inversion (yes I've researched inverters but I'm interested in an inverter recommendation).

    The kayak's will block the light on the panels during transit only (not an issue, batteries will be charging during travel from alternator/starter battery). When settled, kayaks will be stored on the side of the vehicle (rack designed for side).

    Anyone that has done something similar, I'd like to see layout plans on the roof or any ideas to maximize efficiency.

    Thank you!
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