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Need recommendation for wiring schematics

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  • Need recommendation for wiring schematics

    There are hundreds of random solar wiring diagrams scattered over the internet but I wonder if anyone has there favorite source for good off-grid ones. I realize this varies with what I am planning to do but I am just looking for good relevant ideas.
    I have the basic equipment sorted out but am mainly looking for options on the use of wires/fuses/switches/breakers/disconnects etc.


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    While not specifically a whole system wire diagram, this is a great start and helps you get the grounding correct too.

    Also, as to Switch Gear, I am a fan of Midnite solar. Simple, built for the task of off-grid, reasonably priced, etc. They will have just about everything you need for system install except racking, wires and conduit.

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      How big a system are you planning? Have you done your load calcs yet (not just vague generalities? You really need to start there before buying anything. If you are building a true starter off grid really off-grid system (not just one to power your shed or flower garden lights) it will start at a cost of around $7000 for a 24v system with 2500watt array and 3400 Watt inverter or about $2.70 per array watt.
      285Wx9 / MNClassic 150 / CSW4024 / TrojanL16H-ACx4


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        I am planning on a solar system to provide power and a couple of lights for an off-grid security cameras at our trailer for the winter only. It will be based on two 100 watt panels and will be DC only - no need for an inverter. This forum and other sources have helped me size the main items but I just need a reality check on the wiring system and components hence my request for general schematics so I can work it out for myself.

        Thanks for your response.



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          here's oneLMR_SolarSchematic.jpg
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