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My Solar System So Far, how am I looking?

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    So got it hooked up today finally and it seems going Good so far. It's even a lil cloudy todat and charging good. I think but a couple things not sure of. Couple questions. I have my 2 panels in series .they are coming in around mid 50 volts atm give or take

    I'm a little confused I guess about the lcd display and whatnot. I was under the impression that because my battery bank is wired in parralel and only 12 volt system it would show only as much as I programmed to take in, which was 14.3. I guess it's ok as it's seeming to regulate and keep the batteries floating going out to batteries.
    I'm wondering if this is true mppt as I was under the presumption that mppt controller would display a fixed PV input voltage and wattage after finding said mppt point. Or is it just that it takes the fluctuations and just regulates them out at a more steady rate?

    I had my batteries bank of 4 deep cycle batts in parralel at a full charge from the generator so I still yet to see how this thing and under more of a load, and also, like I said it's cloudy today. But atm I'm happy it looks like even a cloudy day I can get enough power to keep my batteries at a decent level hut the test will be once I start really using the batteries and needing to recharge after bringing down night before.

    Another question is about a blinking red led in the housing behind the fan. I am curious and concerned about what it might be an indicator of. I looked all over online and can't get a straight answer .Certain brands and different models indicate different things for different colors and modes. The manual does say when all set up, it goes into self test mode and RUN lamp (under the fan inside of casing) will flash every one second. It flashes when just hooked up to batteries so, I gather it's just an idication of power supply? Just would think it would be a green light and red would indicate something wrong. Many models a blinking red light might mean not enough current. Or too much. Or low vattery .or overcharged .it's a shame at the beginning of the game there wasn't some kind of standard in what led colors and blinking patterns meant universally.
    I went to call the company and it's in China and my phone prompted me to accept charges so, not likely getting much in help there . The one screen that's is supposed to show error codes is good so hoping everything is good. I'll try to upload pics of the status screens showing PV and battery numbers.

    Also, while I was typing this, with sun going down, voltage dropped to like upper teens and there was no more wattage reading, and wasn't pushing out to the batteries. If the panels were producing more than the floating parameters set, why wouldn't it continue to push out? Numbers were fluctuating so wondering if that was a factor .I gather I'll know for sure tommorow as it's dark now. Thanks for any and all help.
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      DP, it will be a lot easier for us to read what you write if you break it up into paragraphs. A large solid block of text is hard to follow.
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        Not sure how that happened. I certainly didn't enter it like that aside from a possible spelling error here n there. On the road atm but will fix it later. Thanks for pointing out.