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  • System load

    I had small off grid system with 2x315W panel (72 cells) along with 4x215A 6V battery and 600W pure sine wave inverter. The load is at about 150W running 24 hours. Normally, by noon time the battery are fully charged at 29V.

    At 8:30 PM, the battery voltage show 25.8V
    by 7:00 AM the next day, battery voltage drop down to about 24.2V

    Why the battery voltage drop too much? (from 25.8V down to 24.2V within 10 hours)

    Below is screenshot showing the battery status when it fully charged: 2018-07-11_143709.jpg

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    If That is under load when you're getting that reading, you have to give it so many hours not under load to get a true reading. Or measure the specific gravity on each cell if the batteries have that ability