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SMA Ac coupled system trouble

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  • SMA Ac coupled system trouble

    Hi Fellow installers.
    i wanted to check if anyone else has had a similar problem to the one we are experiencing. we have checked with our SMA dealer and he doesn't have an answer.

    The system is 24 modules of hanwha q-power 325w.
    each 12 modules connected in series to a Sunnyboy av 3.6kw (2 inverters) and a Sunny Island 8.0 (11) as a battery inverter with a 775Ah Midac battery bank, system is connected to a 220v back up source (the neighbours electricity). we have afew systems with this setup and they work fine.

    Problem is that during the daytime when the batteries are full and the sun is out all the lights in the house flicker. if we shutdown 1 SB the lights work fine if we switch to the 220v back up its also fine. We know it has something to do with the SI hertz shifting to limit the SB's output but still we can't solve the issue after many attempts and configuration changes.
    any suggestions?
    we prefer only configuration changing without adding additional equipment

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