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Any ideas for two Sunpower E20 435 panels

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  • Davi
    started a topic Any ideas for two Sunpower E20 435 panels

    Any ideas for two Sunpower E20 435 panels

    Newbie question:
    If you had 2 extra sunpower E20 435 panels laying around how would you use them?
    Im trying to come up with ideas to put these two panels to work so they aren't just gathering dust in storage.
    I was thinking of charging a 24v battery bank for off grid garden shed power or maybe running a pond fountain.
    I have been on amazon looking at charge controllers but really have no clue what to get yet.
    Using these 2 panels for grid tie or home power application is not an option for me.

  • Mike90250
    Just one 435w panel would keep a pair of golf cart batteries charged up to run a small fountain. It would also charge a pair of deep cycle batteries too, to get you 24V. A small MPPT controller like the morningstar Or the Midnight Kid

    Because of the high voltage of the panels (85v), the small, inexpensive controllers are not viable.

    Rated Voltage (Vmpp) 72.9 V

    Rated Current (Impp) 5.97 A

    Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 85.6 V

    Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 6.43 A

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