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Charge Controller Problem & Question (Steca Solarix)

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  • Charge Controller Problem & Question (Steca Solarix)

    I put too large of a load (one too many 12v light bulbs) coming out of my Steca Solarix MPPT 1010. This caused the controller to stop temporarily and then restart when the load was reduced. I made the same mistake a second time, but this time the controller does not revert to running any load.

    The info LED illuminates green, which is supposed to indicate normal operation. The yellow display led flashes, which is supposed to indicate that the “switch-on threshold after deep-discharge deactivation has not yet been reached.”

    Is this really an issue with the switch-on threshold and deep-discharge, or might I have done something worse to the charge controller? I've been waiting for some time and it does not seem to return to normal.

    I have also followed the instructions for resetting the charge controller (full disconnect from load, modules and battery and reconnect in opposite order).

    The battery seems to be working fine (AGM), the inverter is running other electrics and indicates 12.1 on the panel.

    What do you guys and gals think? Am I missing a troubleshooting step with the controller, do I need to wait longer or should I take the controller in?

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    Were you connecting the lights directly to the Load terminals of the CC? That is a bad idea as the current available is strictly limited.
    If you want to use the time of day controls available on the Load terminal, you should plan on using that to drive a relay that controls the actual current to the lights.

    But, that aside, it does sound like you have damaged something in the CC. Perhaps as simple as an internal fuse. Perhaps worse.
    If you cannot find anyone locally who is willing to take a look into the internals of the CC, you may be out of luck.
    It would not fall under warranty repair unless Steca is extraordinarily generous, but they might do the repair (probably actually replacement) for a reasonable fee.
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      I think you do not understand how to connect or use your controller. Do not use the Load Output for any load. Just connect them to the battery.
      MSEE, PE