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Solaredge inverter synchronizing with Victron multiplus or quattro

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  • Solaredge inverter synchronizing with Victron multiplus or quattro

    hi all,

    Does any of you have experience using a solaredge SE 2200 inverter together with a Victron battery inverter?

    The setup is on a ship.
    the Victron inverter provides a a pure sine wave 230 VAC ± 2% Frequency: 50 Hz ± 0,1%
    Victron says that most solar inverters have an off-grid mode, I couldn't find it in the manual of Solaredge.

    Thanks for your help!

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    if you are trying to pair a grid-tie inverter with a battery inverter, you will have GREAT difficulty. Generally it does not work. If the manual does not describe how to do it, it's not happening.

    Problem: When loads are light, and the sun is bright, the "local grid" voltage gets driven very high, and if the GT inverter does not disconnect fast enough at 260VAC, some other gear of yours will fry.
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      Thanks Mike.

      the problem seems to be narrowed down to islanding protection.

      In case of off-grid situation the Victron Quattro monitors the load and battery capacity. Based on that it can toggle a relay that can switch off the solar inverter, or re-route it to a dump resistance (waterheater) in case of low load and topped up battery.
      Then the batteries will supply power to the (light) load until their capacity reaches a lower level and the relay switches the solar inverter again because sufficient load is available (charging the batteries).
      So it looks like the Victron takes care of that part.

      The grid monitoring function in the Solaredge inverter seems to be the problem here.
      Victron requires that this function can be disabled in the solar inverter as the grid impedance is different from the "island" impedance. They supply a separate impedance monitor to be places only between solar inverter and the grid.
      The Solaredge inverter has this function disabled by default but it seems that it will not work in that mode (the manual is not clear at this), and you have to select this function according to the country you are in. This country selection then determines which grid monitoring you use.

      So there are 2 questions:
      Will the Solaredge SE2200 inverter work with the grid monitoring function disabled?
      Can you select a country so that this function is not active?

      Thanks for any advice!