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Solar Water Pump AC 115V-230V

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  • Solar Water Pump AC 115V-230V

    SO im wanting to use a Water Ace RC10C Electrical 1HP Convertible Jet Pump using 115-230VAC to pump water for watering a garden plot from a stream source. The power source is going to be (so far) a Complete Solar Panel Kit 100W Monocrystalline:100W Solar Panel UL 1703 Listed+2 20' Solar cables+PWM 30A Charge Controller+ Uniquely Designed Z Bracket Mounts, with a BESTEK 1000w/1200w 12v to 110v Inverter Power Supply MRI1001-1. The idea i'm toying with is that i use the PV panel-a charge controller-battery(1 or 2 batteries? 12V= 1 Battery; 24V=2 Batteries???) This where i get a bit confused. from the Battery to the inverter listed above and from there to the final destination the pump...... please help i'm a bit over my head here. good with my hands but i've never messed with Solar before, and looking to wet my feet so to speak. if i left anything out please let me know.

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    You're going in the wrong direction.

    Forget everything you have except maybe the panel. Get a DC pump designed to be operated solar direct. Place a 275gal tote at the highest point you can next to the garden. Pump all day long into the tote. Water when you wish by gravity from the tote.

    Simpler, cheaper, and easy to maintain.



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      My thoughts were to store power in battery and only run the pump maybe 2 hours a day, probably less and its al level ground so no place to put a tank without buiding a tower, even a small one. I did consider a tank but the direct route made more sense to me. besides dont DC pumps cost more?


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        nope. The inverter needed to spin up a 1hp jet pump, is fairly expensive. And the power draw, even for a short period of time, will damage small batteries, so you need a large pair of 6v batteries in series - more expense.

        Wy_White_Wolf has the plan nailed. Stack up some concrete blocks 2 or 3 sets high, set a tank on that, and you have water. Not much pressure, but it will flow from a hose.
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