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Can NiFe cells that have been dry for years be restored?

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    I will be careful, when I was at school I had acid tipped on my back and evon then I knew how to deal with it


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      how long did you skin take to get beter


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        Took about 2 weeks to get better. A situation to be avoided !
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          Originally posted by audion_1908 View Post
          how do I calcuate the amount of vinegar to put with the electrolyte to neutralize it?
          my vinegar is 5% acetic acid?

          and how will this affect the new new electrolyte? I know what the specific gravity of the new electrolyte fron the lables, but do I still need lithium hydroxide? and if so how much?
          Have a look at this to determine an unknown required to neutralize.

          Note this is theoretical and they are assuming 100% pure.
          The world is not so as you know.

          Supposing you drain it prior to neutralizing (you wouldn't think of doing it in the cell???), it should have zero effect on the new electrolyte, but you may have meant something else by that.
          Keep in mind specific gravity is related to environment to be used in.
          See my NiFe LiOh thread for details there and I think your pocketbook will decide if you need LiOH, how much, if at all. You can always add it later.

          You have another thread (you are making a quilt methinks) talking about NiCad neutralization. I suggest until you discover your best method of Cadmium laced electrolyte disposal in your area, you may not wish to add volume to your quandry of disposal as some sites charge by volume for handling. They may be indifferent about the base rather then the cadmium.


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            Hard to find real Nickel Iron cells!

            Damn... I was about to buy a couple of those NH10A lamps on ebay as I thought they may have Nickel Iron cells! It is so confusing that NIFE stopped production of Nickel Iron (NiFe) cells and switched to NiCd without changing the brand name.


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              Originally posted by Mike90250 View Post
              If the cells have been dry, the iron/steel has likely rusted, and I don't think that is good. I don't know how to remove the rust.
              Exactly right. This is the problem with old batteries, we don't know if they have been left dry for any time.