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storage shed find batteries.

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  • storage shed find batteries.

    HI All, first time post here. I have followed this page for a while, and have really learned a lot, thank you for sharing your passion.

    I recently salvaged a storage shed that had some batteries in it. They look like they have never been used, are in the original packaging, and were properly stored. They are Saft X 180 Ni-Cd batteries. I took them to a local Tescco to be looked at, they said they, if they were stored properly they are good as new.

    Two questions,

    1. Are these batteries good for solar storage?

    2. Is there a bulletin board somewhere that I can post them on for sale?

    More info on the batteries:

    Saft TLK-180
    Mfg date 7-2014
    Ni-Cd wet alkaline cells
    there are 3 strings, each is 24V or 48V, 38 cell, 8.2Kw per string.
    each sting has 8, 172Ah 4 cell and 2, 172Ah 3 cell batteries.

    Maybe a third question.

    How much would one 8.2 Kw string run?

    I have plans to build a cabin on some land I have in AZ. I want to run a well pump to a storage tank, and a recirculating pump for a floor heat system as well as the basic appliances and lighting.

    Thanks again.

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    Welcome. Those batteries are a find. It's likely they are completely discharged and need to be slowly recharged. It's also possible the electrolyte is still good, if the cells were well protected.
    You would need to find out some suggested recharge specs for them.
    here's a start and some recovery procedures that seem focused on the sealed versions, not the wet

    But the unfortunate thing is, that at end of life, when you have to get rid of them, is they are toxic waste because of the Cadmium.

    If you have to replace the electrolyte, I believe it's a simple mix of KoH and distilled water. Saft may be your best resource for assistance, since they are only 6 years old !
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