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Encell Technology Nickel Iron Batteries and the new Flow-Rite NiFe Watering System

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  • Encell Technology Nickel Iron Batteries and the new Flow-Rite NiFe Watering System

    Anyone that has been following Mike's Great NiFe Experiment knows that the
    Lack of a Nickel Iron Battery Watering System has been a real drag.

    Recently Flow-Rite told me twice that a few months ago "new developments"
    prompted them to take on dealing with watering the nasty Lye Type Electrolyte -
    to win.

    There WILL BE a new NiFe watering system the boss claims.
    The length of the valve will change from one Battery Company to the next depending on
    who they go in with.
    Diamond John Mario D'Angelo ( a NiFe Dealer) has been cut completely out
    of the deal according to John himself which may prove to be unfortunate.

    John says he also has a new surprise NiFe Company coming from China that has a
    1200 Ah NiFe Cell with a new (improved ?) Negative Plate set-up.

    As already mentioned I'm plenty Leary about the New Atlas Nickel Iron Battery
    from Encell Technology coming out in July, 2014.

    Let's see how some of the new materials like Foams, Binders, Zinc, etc. hold up to
    the NiFe Electrolyte
    that slowly dissolved even one too many of even Mr. Edison's metals.

    It's all in the Encell Technology, Inc. Patents and the Thomas A. Edison Patents.

    Recently even Changhong Batteries themselves 'gave it up' about the Electrolyte
    for the first time that old Bill knows of.

    It's ONLY the Patents that will make them talk in a million years.
    The devils.

    However I also try to stay open minded enough to say hey, Let's see how Flow-Rite
    and these new guys do.

    Why be some old One-Trick Pony and not even consider new things

    There may be more real good news for Mike's NiFe batteries coming up one of these days.

    Bill Blake

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    Do you have any updates for encell? I am extremely interested in hearing more. Feel free to send me a pm Thank you.