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Are all these LiFePo4 deals a scam?

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  • Are all these LiFePo4 deals a scam?

    I see so many TGTBT deals, are they all trying to steal my money amd send me nothing? Whats the most inexpensive way to test the capacities if they actually send it?

    100ah $200-250$
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    They aren't necessarily scams. But they are not quality cells, for sure. You already mentioned being too good to be true, which definitely holds true here. Since I am an importer of batteries and I know what pricing looks like from reputable Chinese manufacturers, I can tell you that those prices are less than what I can pay for decent batteries without factoring in any shipping, duty fees, or taxes. These are almost surely mismatched grade B cells with cheap quality interconnects. That may still be a reasonable deal if you pair it with a decent BMS but don't expect them to go 2,000+ cycles, either.