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Thornwave Labs BT-DCPM as LFP Charge Control

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  • Thornwave Labs BT-DCPM as LFP Charge Control

    Buying one of these to use as a charge control for GBS 20AH.

    Set HVD to 13.8

    Set LVD to 12.5

    Enable RESET

    Using a Hella 12v 30A Bi-Stable SPDT Relay connecting Batt to Com, LOAD and CHARGER to Switched Contacts.

    Push button to Start Charging, LOAD is disconnected, at 13.8v HVD switches relay removing Charger and connecting LOAD.

    In use if Batt goes below 12.5v LVD switches relay, removing LOAD and connecting Charger.

    Then De'Ja Vu all over again.

    Bonus: OCD, no, not that kind. Over Current Disconnect will remove Charger or LOAD by switching relay!

    So, what do you think??

    Is this a good workable charge control or am I receiving myself??

    P.S. This is my first post. Please take it easy.