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Fire extinguisher for Lithium chemistries

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    I have an expensive hobby other than golf, racing golf carts, and a wifey. I am also an RC pilot and use electric planes. Have over 100 Lithium Ion batteries. Some of those things are over $50. Glad I gave up drinking, smoking and taking dope or I would be a poor democrat.

    Anyway my aircraft lithium ion batteries last about a year or two before it is time to dispose of. The proper way to dispose of them is to start by discharging them, but not all the way or they can catch fire. The get a 5 gallon bucket, dissolve 1 cup of salt, and place the batteries in the water for at least over night. This will fully discharge them and prevent thermal runaway. After a day or two as an added measure drive a nail through them or shoot a hole in them with a 22.

    If money gets tight, I will to give up a hobby, the wifey, and use Rent-a-Wife to save a ton of money.

    To Mike's point once the lithium fire is extinguished best than you can do is submerge in water for 24 hours. FWIW Tesla has sent a memo to FD' in the event of an EV fire. Once extinguished to quarantine the vehicle for 48 hours in a fire proof location with adequate water supplies in the even of thermal runaway. Please do not take away it is best use water to extinguish the fire because it is not the best way for Joe Street. When water hits the burning electrolyte reacts and emits a caustic gas that burns eyes, skin, and lungs. FD's are protected from that, but you are not. But once extinguished, wate is great to keep it cooled and submerged is even better for 24 hours.
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