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Lead Acid or DIY Lithium

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  • Lead Acid or DIY Lithium

    So trying to figure out best course of action and investment ($1,200) for a battery bank (48V) to use with solar panels. Looking for suggestions and opinions?

    Is it better to use lead acid or lithium (18650, Lifepo4 etc) both would be DIY

    My daily usage in 24hr period is 10,000w

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    Easy Peasy, Lead Acid.

    $1200 will buy you a decent 48 volt 225 AH FLA (10.8 Kwh) battery that will last you 5 years. Trojan T-105RE.
    $1200 will buy you a 48 volt 60 AH LiFeP04 (2.88 Kwh) if you buy a POS Chi-Coms that will last 2 years if you do not make a easy mistake and destroy them sooner.

    No brainer when you consider LiFeP04 initial cost is 4 to 5 times higher watt hour cost, and then factor in they last half as long cost 8 to 10 times more than FLA. Which would you buy? $2/gal gasoline or $10/gal gasoline.
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