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Li-ion battery charging

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  • Li-ion battery charging

    Am working on a new project by solar charging Li-ion cells by connecting 3x 18650 3000mah batteries which i have as spares which comes with built in overcharging and discharging pcb. Connnecting them in series to make 11.1v. 12.6v when fully charged and hopefully run 12v lights. While i was browsing i came across someone selling a special solar charge controller max 3amp for solar charging Li-ion cells.
    According to the seller you can use normal solar panels as the the controller can take 15-25v. My question is that if its possible and if safe to do that if there is anything alse i need to know about? These are so light and have low discharge rate to an SLA. Here is the link to controller

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    It's an old thread, but I see guys wanting to just wire up strings of lithiums all the time..

    If I were just starting out messing about with homebrew lithium chargers for strings of 18650's etc, I think a great place to go for more info (especially SAFETY issues) would be the candlepower forums:

    If you think we take solar issues seriously, these guys take flashlights, batteries, and chargers just as seriously, with the experience, equipment, and data to back it all up.