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BMS for a 20 cell 1000 AH LiFePo4 battery pack.

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    Originally posted by Sunking View Post
    OK RV is different. But that still gives you a large problem. Where the hell are you planning on putting 1500 to 2000 watts of panels?

    For a 4S system, there is no need for any BMS, and a BMS is not even capable of balancing a 1000 AH battery. Example lets say you are just 1% out of Balance at the top using an Orion BMS. 1% of 1000 AH is 10 Amp Hours. Balance current on the Orion is 0.15 amps. 10 AH / .15 Amps = 67 hours or 10 days on solar. Completely useless.

    If you Bottom Balance, life is easy. No BMS to worry about, pay for, and will extend the life of your batteries at least twice. You charge at 13,4 to 13.6 volts, and set your Inverter LVD to 12 volts. As for panel wattage, there is no way you are going to get 1500 to 2000 watts of panels on an RV. Rather than worry about $3000 worth of panels and another $1500 worth of charge controllers, Just buy a $75 Electronic Battery Isolator to allow you to charge the house batteries from the engine alternator. Put on a few panels for show-n-tell, but in reality will not do much for you on an RV parked in the shade so you can stay cool. Make sure you also have a generator, you are going to need it to protect those $6000 batteries.
    Hi Sunking: I replied to a post of yours lat week about LIFEPO4 and not needing BMS. I have a new LIFePO4 48V - 300AH battery but the BMS faulted. The battery is OK though. Just want to confirm that I can connect the battery directly without the BMS...